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    available ram setting in photoshop cs5 / cs6 / cc

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      i would like to know if the ram setting slider in photoshop preferences/setting is meant to be for all

      the available ram in the computer or all available ram, which stays free from all other sametime running apps?


      for example, if i run osx 10.8 or 10.9, i use to run ONLY photoshop and no other app besides, so the

      finder would need maybe 2 or 3 GB RAM, and the rest is for photoshop.

      does the ram setting count with finder ram consumption or without?


      my imac has 32GB RAM - so, if i set ram to 70% (out of 32GB) in photoshop settings, the finder can use 30% of 32GB, yes?

      anyway, it wont show "available ram is 32GB" in the settings, it shows less than 32GB would be available, so

      is this the answer to my question?


      could i set it to 80% or 90%, when i only run photoshop (cs5 / cs6 / cc) and no other app besides? (only the 10.8.5 or 10.9 finder)

      or would this mean performance lags in photoshop?