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    No CS5 updater for Mavericks but CS6 gets one

    Brad Messer Level 1

      Another glaring example of Adobe coldly abandoning its Fireworks users. There's an updater for CS6 for the new Mavericks OS, but no updated for CS5.

      Adobe keeps making me dislike it more. Wish Macromedia had never sold Fireworks. At least they had some enthusiasm about the app.

      And I'm not about to be sucked into the pay-in-perpetuity scheme called Cloud, in which they make whatever tweaks to the app that they feel like making whether I want 'em or not. At least in sticking to CS5 I have an app that I know, without unrequested, un-cancellable "improvement" changes.

      Guess I'll just have to live with the new, erroneous "Could not save this file" prompts in CS5 and renew my Adobe disgust each time the prompt rears its meaningless little window.