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    Want to speed up your project setup time?  You'll want to try this handy free program!

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      I recently stumbled upon a super handy, free program called Post Haste.


      It's a brilliantly simple program that allows you to create Project templates, so that at the press of a single button, you can have your project instantly set up for you, complete with new PP, AE, PSD (etc) projects, all automatically named after your project, and whichever accompanying folder structure best suit you needs. 


      Here's an example of the simple template I created for Wedding Same Day Edits:

      Post Haste.jpg

      Any template file named 'Template' automatically gets renamed to the project name!


      A while ago, I sent Adobe a FR that would allow us to set up templates within PP, so that when we open a project, we can have all of our most used Bins already created for us.  Post Haste seems to remove the need for Adobe to implement that FR, since you can set any Post Haste template to automatically create a new blank Premiere project, or create a renamed copy of a previously created PP project that has all of your common bins already set up (such as Video, Sequences, Titles, Audio, AE, etc.)!


      If you want to speed up your project setup time, you'll definitely want to check this out!  I wish I had found out about it long ago.


      While this free little program essentially eliminates the need for Adobe to implement the functionality it provides, one thing that Adobe could easily do that I believe would be a service to Premiere users in general, would be to add this program to their Premiere Plug-ins page under the Workflow tools section.  I'm not sure what the politics are regarding what software can or can't appear on that page, but something that can help Premiere Pro editors the way Post Haste can should certainly be on that list IMO! (I for one wish it had been on that list long ago when I first checked it out).

      Workflow tools.jpg

      If anyone knows of any alternative program that does the same thing Post Haste does, please mention it here.  It would be fun to try an alternative to compare.  The more options we know about, the more efficient our workflow becomes, so I hope this tip helps some of you out there!