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    Creating a Multiplayer turn based game in flash for Android/iphone???

    tom_w2000@yahoo.co.uk Level 1

      Hi guys,


      We're a small company based in the UK. We have created a turn based game (like chess) in flash builder using actionscript 3. We are currently using the adobe air compiler to publish an installable app for ios and android which is due to be released on the app store soon.


      At the moment the app runs as standalone with a simple artificial intelligence. We are now trying to figure out how to get the game to a stage where players can play each other online on their iphone or android once they have downloaded the app.


      As far as we are aware, there are game centers for both android and iphone, but we have limited knowledge of how to make use of these and limited knowledge of xcode. From what we understand both also require you to to host your own server - which we currently do not have the resources of money to manage.


      My question is, is there a way to use Actionscript 3 in Flash builder to set up some kind of peer to peer comminication, so that iphone and android users anywhere in the world can play eachother online once they download it through the app store?


      We have virtually no knowdledge of any other coding software so would ideally like a way to do this in as3. From what I understand it IS possible using something called 'rtmpf', or cirrus. I have also done some research and have come across the following links:






      The only other alternative we can think of is to locate a good contractor who will work for free based on a return of profit once the project is sold, or find a company to resolve the multiplayer aspect of the project on both iphone and android - and dekstop, base on a return of the royalties. Equally, does anyone know a good company or individual that would consider this, or specializes in these kind of projects?


      Thanks for your help in advance,