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    CS5.5.2 Adobe Premiere Pro : Events error : mpeg decode error around frame 36634 and others

    Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

      Why is an Events Error (mpeg decode)  being recorded ( in a Premiere Pro flip up Window)  from a previously faultless production captured from a Sony HDV Digital MasterTape PHDVM-63DM,(  HDV) recorded as 1440 x 1080 when the original tape does not show any error on a HDMI monitor, and the original production was Exported to Blu-ray with no errors. .Also, the tape playing in the Canon Camcorder is also faultless.


      Of course these errors, which show as noise and pixelization and breakup,(for say , seconds only) can easily be edited out in a final edit ? And they do not return in a final Export to Tape ?


      Has anyone any ideas why this is happening.? 


      Ie., Premiere Pro which was used to produce the original faultless Project is now showing errors after Capture for a revised edting process from the original tape ?


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