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    Photoshop Video Frames to Layers Cripples Premiere


      Hey folks,


      I've been using Premiere and AE with dynamic link for some time now to make my videos. Up until this past week, the playback of Linked Comps from AE in Premiere was buttery smooth. I could playback on my Mac 2013 Retina (With CS6) at full quality without stuttering. Rendering was also extremely quick even when linked comps had lots of effects applied to them.


      Fast forward to last week, and now when playing back Linked Comps from AE in Premiere, they stutter and skip frames in Premiere's source window and take forever to render in the Timeline.


      I tried speaking to Adobe for hours to try to solve the problem to no avail, until I realized...up until just last week, I had never before used Photoshop's File>Import>Video Frames to Layers to create animated gifs from my exported videos.


      I am no convinced that Photoshop is somehow at fault in causing this dramatic loss of performance between AE and Premiere. This is a serious bug. I hope it can be fixed somehow!