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    identification of depositive


      Thank you, Pat Willener of Adobe Reader, for your answer of 28.10.13 that was the only one I received.

      That’s why I’m here searching to have my purchased in format of Adobe Digital Edition ebook in my tablet Samsung P1000 con Android 2. I have set the latest Aldiko program but to download or to open the book I am asked to be identified. I insert my ID but the Adobe site answer with the following message of error: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED http:// adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 2013-10-28T09:29:55-07:00%20(1382977795000)%20is%20before%202013-10-2 8T10:58:10-07:00%20(1382983090905)]

      Here I’ve insert the yesterday message, but from day to day the dates and the time change but not the fail of Adobe identification. I’m not sure that I have explained well enough my problem. I think that if I had downloaded the book in epub format it would not be any problem. But the thing is done and for the moment I don’t see any solution. I will be very grateful for your help.