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    priority of dynamically symbols

    oliverS Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I wonder if it is possible to manage the hirachie of a dynamically created symbols from the library.


      I have a project in which i often grab symbols on the stage whith the createChildSymbol method.


      But I want to be able to tell them in wich layer order they are on the stage.


      Is it like who comes first has the higher priority as a "layer".


      My question is, is it possible to tell a symbol (which is creates dynamically)  that it is the highes layer on top off all.



      If there is any help I would appreciate it







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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey Oliver- use z-index. You can give the created symbol an id and then place it at whatever level you want.


          Below is the way you add an id or a class to a created symbol:


          var NewSymbolInstance = sym.createChildSymbol("mySymbol", "Stage");



          // then you can add the z-index to the symbol - Note: Do not forget the # otherwise it will not work.



          This tip was given to me by awesome Zaxist. Let us render to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar!


          Hope this helps!

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