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    Paint with Clone Tool Out-of-Canvas areas created by Perspective Correction


      In Lightroom 5 I really like the Perspective Correction tool which always produces white Out-of-Canvas areas as a result of image deformation.

      As a "constain crop" very often would cut out a lot of interesting details, I love to Crop the image a bit wider.

      The problem are the white areas remaining that were not present in the original, undistorted image.

      I would love to fill them in with the Clone Tool, but it does not seem to work on those areas!


      To make a complicated story simple just look at this image:

      My aim here is to fill in the bottom left white by simply cloning the missing part of the column.

      This is a super-easy job which I could do with Lightroom clone tool in seconds.

      Why is it not working?

      Shall I report it as a BUG? (if so, how?)


      Thank you very much for your feedback.