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    Mouseover/Mouseout Animation bug when mouse moved quickly/fast over it.


      Hi everyone, this is the first time I create a thread on adobe forum ^^

      In edge animate I made a pretty simple animation :


      - I made a square

      - I made a movieclip with an animation of about 200ms (opacity) that show some text appart from the square.


      Then I used mouseover/mouseout on the square to play & playReverse the animation of the text like that :


      Mouseover :



      Mouseout :


      So everything works fine when I move the mouse on & off the square.

      I made this 6 times, so I have 6 differents square & 6 differents text animation.


      But when I quickly move the mouse from one to another, some animation just bug but in a strange way :

      the text is always shown and when I move the mouse to the associate cube that is normally playing the animation the text simply dissapear, and show back when I leave the cube with my mouse.

      I tried to use mouseenter mouseleave but I'm not really sure what to use and how to do that.


      Thanks in advance for any help.