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    Premiere CS5.5 crashing after Razor Tool

    gvsuk Level 1

      OK, I have been using Premiere now for many years but after upgrading from CS3 to CS5 I noticed that I was experiencing crashing?

      These are the symptoms...

      I scrub along timeline to a particular frame and use the photo camera icon to grab that frame.

      I save it in normal way then import it onto timeline.

      If I then use the delete button or razor tool after importing any picture, then the whole programme crashes?

      I do not have any problems before importing a frame or after importing any video/audio footage?

      However, If I decide to save the project after importing the frame then I can delete anything without a problem?


      Hope you understand what I am saying here?


      Premiere crashes after using delete key or razor tool, but only after importing a frame!!


      Thanks guys