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    Consolitation duplicate Fonts ... takes forever



      some of my pds's have 6000 to 10000 scanned pages, with thousands of bookmarks etc., filesize >1gb.

      If i insert new scanned pages (from another pdf) with drag an drop at the end of the pdf then the "consolidation duplicate fonts" takes up to 10 minutes to complete. During this time, i cannot work with any pdf. This is very disturbing to my workflow.

      How can i disable this "consolidating duplicate fonts"?

      I do not need any fonts-funktionalitiy at all. Cleaning everything and all the fonts through the optimization-funktion has no effect. Please do not start a dicussion, why this und why that. I do just need to get rid of this waiting-time "consolidating duplicate fonts".

      Hardware i7, 16gb, Win 7, SSD, etc.

      Any Solution?