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      I´m having trouble with FormsCentral.

      My form is running about 8 months with no problems.

      Yesterday people started to complain that the system doesn´t accept any date.


      That means the date field restricts date entries, from date dd/mm/aaaa (brazilian format) to another dd/mm/aaaa, but every date that users input in, is considered by the system as invalid, even it´s a correct and valid date right between the interval specified!


      I need Help Urgent!!!

      I depend on these forms to finish the payrol service from here.


      I´ll be waiting.



      Maurício Galletti


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      It look like the system accepts just dates starting from the date of today.

      I´m testing.

      Please help.



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      It looks like the system have some problem just with the date 20/10/2013?!

      I´ve fixed the problem change the interval from 20/10/2013 to another date  and used  21/10/2013 to another date and it works!

      But I think something is wrong with the 20/10/2013 date?!


      To reproduce the erros just create a new form with date feature with this exaclty configurations and the bug appears:





      I´ll keep waiting


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