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    Problem with video export for Pro Tools

    Greg Popp Level 2

      I hired a re-recording mixer to mix my short film in 5.1.  I successfully exported an OMF, and then set to making a video per his requirements:  h264, 720pHD, High Quality.


      Initially I chose an h264 YouTube 720p 23.976 preset.  The re-recording mixer told me although it would open on his desktop in a quicktime player, he couldn't get it to load into Pro Tools.  So, I next created another video with the h264 HD 720p 23.976 preset.  And again, he couldn't get it to load.


      As the export is quite long, I decided to re-compress the file in Apple Compressor.  And here's the weird thing.  The exported HD 720p 23.976 video wouldn't even load in compressor (although it plays fine in Quicktime). 


      Finally I used an Apple TV preset and exported again.  720p, 23.976.  And this time, the video loaded both in Pro Tools and would open in Apple Compressor.


      What don't I understand?  Why the difference between h264 outputs?  What would the ideal "preset" be?