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    Arrow-shaped cursor does not change when over an active area

    Alibented Level 1

      Hi All,


      Several months ago now, I realized that in my dcr movies the arrow-shaped cursor does not change any more into a pointed-finger when entering an active area that contains lingo script to do so.
      In Windows projectors however all works well.
      I use the basic script "on mouseEnter (or mouseWithin) / cursor 280 / end"

      Director does know the cursor is over an active area since it carries out all my instructions give in the lingo script "on mouseDown".

      I have posted a question about this problem some time ago now, but got no response.

      That is why I am rephrasing my question now.

      I am not asking for a solution but merely ask if others also encounter the same problem.
      By now I am sort of convinced it has something to do with an updated Shockwave Player as all my movies, even the ones being created years ago, show this problem.
      Several updates of Shockwave Player have passed by now, but no change.

      In the preview given, when creating a new Shockwave File, there is also is no problem.

      One way of explaining this could be that in the preview and in the Projector a built-in Shockwave Player of my Director 11 is used.
      This old Shockwave Player is then supposedly not giving these problems.
      Will appreciate any response,