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    Multicam weirdness - Premiere CC Mac

    Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

      I've been loving the new multicam features but I just hit a problem.  I'm using Premiere CC on a Mac, all updated.  I cut a three camera multicam last week and I just wanted to look at a few parts again to see if I choose the best angle.  When I set the Program Monitor to Multi-Camera, the screen goes black, no angles at all are displayed.  When I set it to Composite, the single angle displayed looks fine.


      You can see from the timeline that all three angles are loaded and active (so nothing is turned off in the Nest).  I also double checked and the timeline and the Multicam is still active, not flattened.  Of the four multicam sequences I edited last week (all in the same project), two work as expected and two don't.


      Here is the sequence opened with the Program monitor set to Composite:



      Here it is with multicam selected:


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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          I just found out some more info.  I opened and older, auto-save of the project and the multicam sequence *was* working correcty.  I reviewed it and made a few corrections (all was going well).  Then I changed to the color-correcting workspace.  When I left that and went back to the editing-workspace two of my four sequences open in the Timeline were closed.  When I re-opened them, the multicam window was black.


          Looks like a bug to me.  I can't wait for the "October 15th" update!