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    Interactive PDF + required field

    jeromevadon Level 1

      I need to use Indesign to create interactive PDF that could display personalized messages when required fields are not filled.


      Everything is just super easy until... "how can I set-up a personnalised default message for each required field..."

      Adobe Live Cycle allows that, but in this case, I really need to use Indesign only... I may eventually use Acrobat Pro to add javascript, but I would prefer do it all in ID...


      Any idea ? Found nothing on this subject on the net, as nobody ever need this or avoids the problem...


      Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for answers.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't really know what you're talking about - I kinda get what you want but not fully.


          Might be possible to write a script that gives a UI to do this - I don't know.


          Maybe post in the scripting forum for a solution via scripting?




          As far as I understand, InDesign does not have this funciton natively.

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            jeromevadon Level 1

            Thanks for your answer and sorry for my poor english.
            Basically, what I want to have is - using ID as much as possible - generate a PDF that can - for example -  prompt a message to the user in case he don't fill the "your name" (text field * required). I want to be able to write myself the message, like "You forgot to fill the field NAME", or something like that...

            Is that more clear ? (but you got the main idea).

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yeh figured that's what you were after.


              Forms are relatively new to InDesign and it's certainly something to incorporate if LiveCylce could do it.


              There's a feature request area here https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


              and you can get more supporters for your idea here - http://forums.adobe.com/community/indesign/indesign_feature_requests



              But the best thing to do is have someone write a script then write to bloggers about it -


              You will see a bunch of links on the Forum home page on the right hand side about Indesign - and these are links to blogs and things.


              The more your idea is talked about the more it will gather momentum.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                InDesign can't incorporate LiveCycle Designer design features because it can only generate what are called "AcroForms," forms which can be created in Acrobat.


                In case you haven't notice LiveCycle Designer has been demoted by Adobe. It's no longer included as a separate application with Acrobat Pro for Windows. (It's never been available for a Macintosh.) The means that Adobe no longer considers it part of the main Acrobat workflow.


                Try to read one of those Designer PDF forms on a tablet in Adobe Reader, and you'll find they don't work!


                If you want that feature, go back to your copy of Live Cycle Designer and create it there.

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                  Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  That's not particularly to say it can't be done in the future releases of InDesign.


                  And if someone can manipulate InDesign with some clever scripting then great.


                  But I don't see much legs for it.


                  My initial feeling is someone might be able to invoke a hidden layer if a required field in a particular area of the AcroForm wasn't filled in.


                  That would certainly do it.


                  But I am clueless on scripting or what it can and can't do.


                  I know that some clever scripting from Tomaxxi a contributor to the scripting community built a plugin/script to create Acrobat Forms from CS5.5. and eariler versions.


                  I don't know how much extra is needed to push the envelope to make the request the OP has.

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