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    Rendering a 5.1 output


      This is what I'm trying to render


      Codec: MPEG AAC Audio(mp4a)

      Channels: 3F2R/LFE

      Sample rate: 48000Hz


      I'm trying to create a Left, Right, Center, LFE, Left Rear and Right Rear file to run on a Windows machine, and doing it on a Mac!


      It appears that I should use the Apple Audio Toolkit which should allow me to create an .m4a format file which I believe will satisfy the requirement. 


      When I select this for output and render, it says my destination folder is not available or full.  I can render other formats, and have no problem to the same location (about 2T available)


      I get the same problem with the AAC format when I attempt to render using it.


      I've just downladed Audition CC, so it should be the most current software.


      Any suggestions?



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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

          Assuming that Audition is sending the toolbox within core audio what it needs, this sounds like an Apple problem, not an Audition one. But, because it's on a Mac and the vast majority of us don't use them, I can't tell you absolutely. So, you will almost certainly need a developer comment about this.