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    Images in IDML files created in InDesign CC not working in InDesign CS5.5

    Charles Joyner Level 1

      I recieved an INDD file that someone created using InDesign CS5.5.  The file contained text and images.  I made some alterations to the text in InDesign CC and sent it back to the InDesign CS5.5 user as a IDML file.  When they opened the file, the text changes were visible to them, but the images that were in the original CS5.5 file were missing.  I did not have the original image files that were in the document as the CS5.5 user only sent the INDD file.


      Is there a way that I can make updates to the INDD file and deliver an IDML file without images being altered?  As I type my situation out in this post, I am wondering if I need the original image files despite the fact that the document was originally created by the CS5.5 user.


      Any input that you can provide will be greatly apreciated.  Thank you.