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    PS CC issue on a Surface Pro 2




      So, everything is working great in PS CC on my Surface Pro 2, except if i rotate my tablet to portrait mode..


      Screenshot (1).png


      The main window stops with a bunch of empty space below it. It will not stretch any further down than what you see. Also, looks like the ui on the top right is a bit cut off. I'd love to be able to use the full screen in portrait mode, but just haven't been able to figure out what the issue is. I'm running a fully updated Photoshop CC on an up to date Windows 8.1.



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          Adam Jerugim Adobe Employee

          What happens if you launch PS in portrait mode?  Does it look ok?

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            multitud3 Level 1

            Hah, awesome. This seems to work great! Thanks man.


            I've got another strange issue, which you or someone may be able to help with. I've got the updated Wacom Feel drivers, but in PS, when I have transfer mode on, or opacity set to pen pressure, no matter how hard I press, I cannot get a fully opaque stroke. I've set the tip feel to all of the softer settings, and nothing (I don't like this, because it limits the amount of sensitity I get). Whenever I turn opacity control off of pen pressure/turn off transfer mode, my strokes go back to being fully opaque. It's almost as though my opacity is set to 95% or something, even though its not.


            Thanks again!