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    Export to PDF, Colour Filled Box Is Blank When Large


      Hi I have been searching all over trying to find an answer to this problem - similar problems seem have cropped up but none of the solutions seem to work for me, but I am a bit of an indesign novice, I can create documents etc but i have no idea what most of the functions do.


      Behind my entire page is colour filled box but when i convert to pdf the box turns white, it doesn't disappear. The design I am using is copied from a previous document I have created which worked absolutely fine - I literally opened the old document and edited the content. The only difference is that I resized the green box to nearly the whole page, in old document it was about quarter of the page.

      I am at a loss, when I print the pdf it has the correct colouring on. I have tried creating a new document with just that frame on to confirm and the small frame showed correctly once exported to pdf but the large one didn't.


      I am using Indesign CS6


      Thank you for your help