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    Fonts, Shapes and Click to display more info

    lisastep Level 1
      Hi all -- This looks like a great forum. Much more active than the Adobe Connect one! Just started with Cap 3. Initial questions/problems I'm sure someone can help me with:

      - I have a graphic with four "areas" on it.I want the user to click on a cell which will then: a) bring up more information, either in text or audio and b) dim the other cells. I'd like this to happen with all 4 cells. Do I set up hotspots? A quiz question? How do I use the timeline to trigger the more info upon clicking the cell? They don't have to click all four -- just those they want more info about.

      - How can I get change the default font face and size? Right now I'm copying the text box I want from slide to slide and changing the text. Everything seems to default back to GillSans.

      - Is there a way to draw basic shapes - rectangles, circles, etc., or do I have to copy/import them from other programs?

      I don't want to be greedy, so that's it for now. I promise to help others out once I master this!

      Lisa S.