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    Saving problems


      When I try to save my form, a box just pops up that says "The operation has been cancelled." Any ideas of why this might be the case?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          First I just wanted to confirm you are using FormsCentral.  Are you using formscentral through a web browser or from the desktop application included with Acrobat XI?  The form should be auto-saving, how were you trying to "save"? 


          If you were accessing the site through a browser which one and are you on Mac or Windows?  Also, try restarting the web browser and see if that fixes it.  You might want to copy the changes you made to the clipboard (select them and copy) so you can paste them in when you get back to the form if the auto-save did not save the changes.


          Did you have intermittant or dropped network connectivity before this occurred?




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            NaomiBSS Level 1

            Issue resolved, thanks. I lost some work but just closed and reopened the page (I'm using thru a web browser) and now it seems to be autosaving fine. Perhaps I lost connectivity for a moment. Thank you!

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Great - glad it is working again, I am sorry you lost some work.