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    Why won't InDesign break hyphenated words at the hyphen?

    davidgrayco Level 1

      Why does InDesign not break hyphenated words at the hyphen?


      For example: "empty-handed".


      InDesign will break either "empty" or "handed" on either side of the hyphen. But not right at the hyphen, even if "empty" and "handed" are each set to No Break.


      Anyone know why?


      The hypen is typed in normally using the hyphen key on the keyboard.


      If I type a space after the hyphen, InDesign will break there, of course: "empty- handed"


      InDesign will break at an en-space: "empty–handed".


      But I prefer not to have to type a space or insert an en-space or other characters because I also need to export text to ePUB and want only the actual text.


      Correct break (if needed) at end of a line should be:


      . . . empty-

      handed . . .