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    Trusted Location in Windows Terminal Server Enviroment


      We have a need to add a trusted location in Flash Player, which can be done manually by going to control panel > flash Player Settings Manager > Advanced > trusted location. 


      When I have added the trusted location (with a test account) the site opens OK, the location is on a share on our file server H:\share\app.  However I need a way to set this for all users who access the Terminal Server without them having to manually adding the trusted location themselves, which is impractical.  I have searched for a Windows GPO setting but come up with nothing.  Is there a way to set the trusted location for ALL users accessing a terminal server?

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          Milky1664 Level 1

          So the only way I have found to add the trusted location is:


          1.manully set up a trusted location with a test user using the Flash Player Settings Manager in control panel.


          2  Find the setting file under the terminal services user profile....

          \\servername\vols$\Profiles\TS\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys in a file called SETTINGS.SOL


          2. Copy this file to the same location to another users Terminal Service Profile directory, get them to log off/on and they will also have the trusted location directory as well.


          3. I would then have to copy and replace this file to all users terminal services profile directory.


          This seems a bit of a long way to go about it but I dont know any other way unless someone has a better way of doing this?