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    How to export in exact same quality file when uploding for youtube?



      Im writing here cause im really tired of exporting dozens of files with bad quality even though im using best exporting settings.

      I tried to watch tutorial clips where people show how to make best quality but still i cant get it right.....i really dont understand where im doing wrong!!


      I would appreciate if there is some1 out there who could help me export in corrects settings.....i know its not easy to help some1 with settings by writing here as u have to know which settings i shot with which settings im using in my timeline and what im using for export....and so on.


      but i give it a try...


      So its like this ive got a camera named

      Sony HDR CX730E

      and i made my shot with setting (pic1)


      pic 1.jpg


      its written in swedish anyways its avchd 1920x1080 50p




      so i created a project setting as (pic 2)

      pic 3.jpg

      and sequence settings as (pic3)

      pic 2.jpg


      and when i export i have tried to export in dozens of files to see which one seems to be best like H.264 ,HD 1080p 29.97 or youtube HD 1080p 29.97 and even i tried Mxf op1a avc intra class100 1080p 25p which gives a superb HD quality when i play it in computer but the files is almost 3,5gb large but i think the larger the file is the better quality i get!?

      Anyhow when i upload the mxf file or any other file which i have exported for youtube it gives a very poor quality once u put Full HD 1080 in full screen ....its almost like u play it without HD......


      I want to achieve something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avCWzkNiXok


      and my video quality is like youtube video i just showed but unfortunately only in my computer not in youtube.......


      So if there is some1 out there who cud help me ill be so greatful of u!

      Thank you

      (im using adobe premiere pro cc)