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    Viewing XMP Metadata in Adobe Bridge via Adobe Drive Connector


      Hi there,


      I've been trying to view remote file XMP metadata in Adobe bridge via our adobe drive connector. I've added the READ_XMP_METADATA capablitiy, and I've seen the DataType.XMP has been requested. but I'm not sure how to display the metadata on the Adobe bridge metadata panel. since the metadata is embeded in the file, when i browse the file in local drive, the metadata shows fine, but when it's on our remote server, some how bridge doesn't extract the info and display it. I can see the metadata when I browse the remote file in windows explorer adobe drive. and we do download the file to local to a temp copy, browse the temp copy in bridge also showing the metadata, The only thing not working is browsing the remote file in bridge via adobe drive connector.

      Please advise what should be done, in the programmer's guide, it says for each item, request that the server return the XMP data for that asset. How should I do that? If the XMP is embeded in the file, why would I need to request for it, would it be automatically extracted from the file?