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    Premiere Elements 12, slower than, sloooow!!!

    Nohjekim Level 1

      HI Guys


      I've talked about this in another post a little but I thought I mention in a new post in hopes of getting some help.


      This is driving me crazy, fortunately I'm almost done with this project.


      In addition to the transition and effects icons not showing, the preview window just gets slower and slower.


      If I have anything above one video track running it just stops and I have to keep hitting pause to let it catch up, even then it's like freeze frames on every second or so.

      It's totally useless as far as seeing what is actually happening and I have is down to the size of a calling card so I can barely see it anyway.


      I decided to output the pieces and finish it in PE 10 but I found that anything that I output from PE 12 wouldn't display video when I imported it into PE 10.

      They play fine in Media Player.  But in PE 12 only the sound plays even though you can see an image in the icon.

      I tried exporting in 3 different formats.


      I had previously backdated my Video Drivers, but nVidia has new drivers so I updated to the latest ones.

      It didn't make any difference as far as I can see.


      Everything it defragged, and cleaned up, I did everything I could think of but the more I use it the slower it gets, like something is filling up?


      I do have my video all together now and have only one last change to make on one of the clips.

      Once I do that and substitute it, it will be done.


      It does output the files OK, but even that takes several times as long to do as it did in PE 10.


      Does anyone have any ideas about getting this to work better, are there cashes I can dump, etc.

      Or something I can do to speed up the preview window, I have it set to Automatic, but my eyes aren't that great anymore, and I need it to be bigger. LOL


      I like the new interface but I'm going to have to go back to 10 until the bugs are worked out.


      One note: Today while I was working the icons for transitions etc. did come back for a whiles, unfortunately they disappeared again a few minutes later.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As we've told you, Mike, most of these performance issues are related to the specs if the video you're using to make your movie. (I'm assuming you've got a 64-bit operating system and at least 4 gigabytes of RAM.)


          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          For most high-definition camcorder video, version 12 should run circles around version 10.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Like prior versions, maintenance is required for the files automatically generated for previewing and conforming. Those are the preview files in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder and the Media Cache Folder found in Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12 (in this case) for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 64 bit. In addition there are conformed video files to be gotten rid of, See Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and the Media Cache Database there. Directing the Scratch Files to one place with adequate free hard drive space is important.


            All that being said, Premiere Elements 12 has proven a challenge in spite of all the clean up in the world. I now have it humming on Windows 7 64 bit. But, Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8 and 8.1 is not 100% even after exhausting all that I can without Adobe intervention.


            At the present time, I am back on Windows 8.1 64 bit for Premiere Elements 12. At the moment my problems continue to be confined just to:

            a. Delayed closing of the program


            b. Delayed appearance of new project dialog after hitting File Menu/New/Project.


            At times I think that I now see improvements after a massive attack on the issues.


            But addressing your situation, besides the preview and conforming files clean up, look at disabling the antivirus and firewalls in the Action Center. Determine if the problem is restricted to particular source media. Try reinstalling 12 from the installation disc's Premiere Elements 12 Folder copied to the computer hard drive (do not forget the deactivate, uninstall, ccleaner run through beforehand).


            There is "something" not quite right about 12 especially when you compare the performance of 11 and 12 on the same computer.


            By the way, after I reverted by to Windows 8 after a fling at 8.1, I went back to Windows 8.1 64 bit when I found out how to install Windows 8.1 64 bit and end up with my local user account which I can easily set so that there is an automatic sign in.


            Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 8.1 64 bit hums along at the pace you would expect for a and b and the rest of the program.


            I have looked at all angles of the matter. Believe me when I say all, with the exception of possible missing installation files the probably only Adobe would be aware of.


            Please review and determine if anything above helps.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You wrote

              For most high-definition camcorder video, version 12 should run circles around version 10.


              Not quite.


              What computer operating system(s) are you running Premiere Elements 12 on?



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                Nohjekim Level 1



                Most of the video I'm using is generated in my computer mostly in Poser some as frames in Photoshop  and some is' shot with my iPad, in 1920 by 1080 HD.

                I can output it in avi, mpg, or wmv format, I've tried them all.


                I work in 1920 by 1080 30 fps format from start to finnish.

                That's what I'm importing and outputting.


                I have a 64 bit Windows 8 computer, with a nVidia 680 4 Gig video card and 32 Gigabytes of high speed ram.


                I have a i7 processor running at 3.6 Ghz.


                The thing is that I can run this stuff in Premiere Elements 10 with no problems.

                In 12 it's virtually impossible, I would have switched but I didn't want to start over.


                As I said I've tried 3 different versions of the nVidia drivers, and everything is defragged etc.


                And I still don't have any icons for my transitions and effects buttons, just a blank screen, the buttons are there they just don't show.


                But the main thing is that everything is a lot slower, from one end to the other, even outputting the files in the same size and format takes several times as long in PE 10?

                In PE 10 I can have the Preview Windows half the height of the screen and I still keeps up most of the time.


                I did uninstall and reinstall PE 12 once but it didn't seem to make any difference.


                I don't have any other ideas.




                Hi ATR, I was writing this as you posted, I'll look at the suggesions and get back here tomorrow.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I have something that you want to think about trying for your Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8 64 bit.


                  Shutting Off the Indexing.


                  Right click the Local Disk C, select Properties, and then uncheck the option that reads

                  "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties."


                  If you try it, looking forward to results with regard to Premiere Elements 12 performance on Windows 8 64 bit.





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                    Nohjekim Level 1



                    Do you want me to turn off indexing for just drive C:\ or all of the sub-folders and files?


                    While I'm at it I will look at your other suggestions as well.


                    Here's something interesting.


                    There are folders there for both PE 10 and 12, and the the folder for PE 10 is full of Auto Saves and Preview Files, Encoded Files, Layouts and Styles.


                    The Premiere Elements 12 Folder has only 2 folders Layouts and Styles and only the Styles Folder has a file in it.


                    I've only done one project in PE 12, and I stipulated where to save the job.

                    But I thought the normal stuff would be here.


                    I always say where to save the job files in 10 too, but these files are still here.


                    It just got done un-indexing my C:\ drive.


                    I'm not finding where the PE 12 files are saved, I found one library file under users but nothing else.


                    I think I'll do a clean install of PE 12 again after using Revo Uninstaller to remove it and start over in the morning after I output what I have done and save it.



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      When I shutoff the Indexing, I went for the option with the sub-folders. I am still trying to find the best environment for 12 on 8 or now 8.1. Not sure just how much of a difference it makes. One commentary on Indexing off was in conserving resources. But I have not done an exhaustive study on the subject.


                      Whenever looking for the preview files, always check the location that you designated or you left as is under Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks. The default location for that Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder and Media Cache Folder is Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/ and you should have a folder for 12 and 10 in that Premiere Elements Folder.


                      Beware those preview files. The ones for the HD projects come with the MPEG2.mpg + its companion .xmp file. Those preview files can eat up a lot of hard drive space if allowed to "grow".


                      We will watch for any further developments. Right now my Premiere Elements 12 is "picking up" steam. Every so often it regresses with the slow closing, but the actual editing/exporting seems unaffected by the unresponsive episodes mentioned. And, mine is not a video format syndrome since the problem exits with nothing imported into the project.



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                        Nohjekim Level 1



                        I found the files they are on my E:\ drive.

                        All of my graphics stuff is on there, it's where all of my captured video goes, my Poser stuff, anything to do with graphics and video.


                        I have uninstalled PE 12, run my registry scanner and removed the leftover stuff.


                        I will un-index my E:\ drive tomorrow before I start working on it.


                        I'm going to re-install PE 12 now.


                        I'll delete all the back up junk after I open the job in PE and save it to a new location.


                        I'll let you know how it goes.




                        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


                        Hi again, I'm back.


                        I have Premiere Elements re-installed and I opened up my project and saved it to the default location on my C:\ drive.

                        I opened it again to make sure it did and it worked.  I'll delete all the junk on my E:\ drive tomorrow.


                        I'm un-indexing my E:\ drive now and then I'm going to bed.


                        When I opened the job it loaded fine, the icons are back in their place, etc.


                        When I clicked go it started fine but quickly bogged down and stopped showing what was happening in the preview window.


                        It proceeded through the video to the end at a steady pace with the sound playing fine etc, but the preview window just stayed on the same frame.


                        Maybe I'll try reducing the resolution of the files to 1280 by 720 on my next project.

                        That's what I upload them as anyway, but I do run them full HD on my computer.


                        The thing is my whole movie is only about 3 and a half minutes long!

                        What if I was trying to edit a 2 hour movie?


                        Anyway I'm going to try something different for my next project.


                        I don't know if you have ever seen the movie, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", it's one of my favorites.


                        I want to try something like that editing my animated characters into scenes with actors like Bogart, etc.

                        Matching the lighting and superimposing or cutting to them from the real actor like they did in DMDWP.


                        It won't be more then 5 minutes long, but I'm guessing that it's going to take me a while to do.


                        I have a big collection of old movies on DVD that I can search through.



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                          Nohjekim Level 1

                          Hi Again.


                          Here's the update.


                          I have everything cleaned up and installed...

                          Indexing is turned off on all my drives.


                          My icons are back and work in Transitions and Effects.


                          Premiere Elements opens fairly quickly, and the job loads into it in a matter of 20 to 30 seconds.


                          It runs through the job without stalling but the preview windows refreshes about every 10 frames for the first 30 seconds and then just stops at a frame and stays there as the video progresses to the end.


                          If I click the pause button it sits there for a few seconds and the preview windows refreshes to the current location.


                          When I hit the play button again it will move forward for a few seconds and then freeze again.


                          Making the windows very small will help a little but even when it's the size of a business card it won't keep up.


                          Everything is installed in the default location, and the save files are in the default location.

                          There is no back up of save files or anything as the job was opened in the new install and only saved a few times.


                          The preview window is set to Automatic.


                          the last thing I notice is that it takes far longer to generate the final product when the job is done, I'd guess 2 to 3 times as long as it did in PE 10.


                          My question is...


                          Is there some way to reduce the resolution of the of the preview window beyond the default Draft Quality, setting?

                          Maybe by editing some preferences file someplace to a lower setting.


                          It would be more useful for me to have it move and be less clear

                          There are places when I have to lip sync the sound with the video, pretty hard when the video won't move. LOL



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            The major targets that I see are the Timeline render quality (valid for HD project), High or Draft.


                            Have you looked at both preferences for comparative purposes?


                            Have you looked at Timeline Playback Auto-Scrollings options, also in Edit Menu/Preferences/General?


                            I am not sure if I am missing something, but, with regard to the lip sync'ing with video unlinked to audio, are you working with Alt hold down/one tap of one of the arrow keys (l frame nudge) or Shift+Alt hold down/one tap of one of the arrow keys (5 frames nudge)?


                            But, from what you wrote, your computer optimization process seems to have brought improvements.


                            We will be watching for further details when you get the time.


                            Thanks for the update.



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                              Nohjekim Level 1

                              HI ATR


                              I have it set to Draft Quality Render.


                              I have tried to use High Quality just to see if by some weird chance of fate it actually ran faster but in truth it didn't seem to be better or worse.

                              That may be because it does so badly in Draft that you just can't get any worse.


                              I literally have the preview windows the size of a business card and it won't keep up, it freezes about 30 seconds from the start, I have hit pause wait for it to catch up, then hit play and it will run for another few seconds and freeze again.  I can work my way through the video to the end this way, but it's a pain.


                              I don't have the same issues in PE 10, the preview windows isn't always smooth but it does keep moving along well enough to see what my transitions look like etc.


                              For the most part it is working, but not having a working preview windows is kind of a show stopper.


                              I do have the video almost finished, it has been hard since I have to output a test and look at it, then go back and make corrections then do it all over again.


                              Anyway if you have any ideas about how to improve the performance of the windows without reducing the resolution of my video let me know and I'll give it a try.


                              As to the lip sync, this is just a instance where for some reason the word "Bye" is missing from the end of the video sound track, every time I output it.

                              So I'm just adding it in when she moves her lips in the video track, but I need to be able to see when her lips move to put it in the right place.



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                                Nohjekim Level 1

                                Hi Again.


                                I took all the components of the video and one by one reduced them from 1920 by 1080 to 1280 by 720.


                                I then opened a new project at those settings.


                                I imported all the reduced resolution clips and reassembled the video at the new resolution.


                                PE 12 seemed to work fine, so I guess the issue is trying to do the job at too high settings.


                                The next job I will just start from scratch at those setting and things like screen capture, that come out at the higher settings, I will reduce from the full HD to 720 before I start putting the video together.

                                The video from Poser can be output at any size you want.


                                I didn't finish the job at the lower settings but all the major components were in place.


                                I will also divide the job into titles, main video, and credits as separate components and output them, then import them and assemble the final video from the completed parts.


                                That should take the load off a lot.


                                Anyway I did get the video finished in HD and it came out fine, but it was a battle.

                                The only place that I can use the full HD video in on my computer anyway so I'll just live with the 720 size.


                                So far this time the icons for Transitions etc. are still in place.



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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Great update. So glad for the progress it reflects. Lots of hard work. Good job.


                                  When you get a chance, maybe do some mini test runs to determine if video and audio formats as well as resolution contribution to the degree of severity of these issues.


                                  But, it is curious that this syndrome targeted your transitions the way that it did. When I hear that, it typically sends me thinking video card, but....



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                                    Nohjekim Level 1



                                    I've tried a number of different formats from .wmv to AVCHD 1080i.


                                    I haven't noticed a difference.


                                    I was outputting in AVCHD Full HD or VIMEO HD.


                                    Now I'm just creating the VIMEO files.


                                    This isn't a total answer, because I was able to work in 1920 by 1080 in PE 10.

                                    But I like the interface a lot better in 12 and I can live with 1280 by 720.


                                    I used to have to work in 480 by 320 so we've come a long way since then.


                                    That's the reason I'm doing the old one over again.


                                    I don't think that the issue with the icons for transitions etc, have anything to do with the clips size.

                                    This was the 3rd install and for some reason they just stuck this time.  At least so far.


                                    Anyway here is the finished video so you can see what I was doing.

                                    This was a little more complicated then the earlier ones.


                                    I was running 3 video tracks, 2 with transparency and one for the background video.