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    Odd stretching instead of zooming of MediaPlayerSprite in Chrome (only)

    Phogelius Level 1

      Hello All, I'm trying to "overscan" a video window so that its lower sides fit with the inner bounds of the flash object, thus the video is always filling out the whole area without stretching it. It's working as it should in the Flash Player itself as well as in Firefox and Safari: the video is zoomed.


      Now comes Chrome and I'm seeing the video getting snapped to the visible area if the mediaPlayerSprite.width and .height have any values larger than available object widths. That is, my object has a width of 600 and I'm trying to scale the mediaPlayerSprite.width to 1000 and I'm still seeing all of the video with its width at only 600px!

      When I trace out the mediaPlayerSprite.width and height I'm getting the correct values - the mediaPlayerSprite thinks it has a width of 1000 when in fact it is displayed at whatever dimensions the flash object is set to.


      This is only in Chrome (Version 30.0.1599.101) on OSX Mavericks along with the MediaPlayerSprite. When I'm using a regular flash.media.Video with NetStream and such to display the video it gets zoomed the right way in all browsers.


      To see what I mean I've set up two test pages. One is using the OSMF MediaPlayerSprite, one is using  NetStream to play back the same video.

      View the error.html one in Firefox and toggle the overscan, you'll see the video getting zoomed in. View it in Chrome and you're going to see it stretched-to-fit.

      View the ok.html page in any browser to see video getting zoomed in.





      I've tried in vain to ditch the MediaPlayerSprite and instead use MediaContainer and MediaPlayer seperately but it didn't help either.

      Such an odd behaviour. I'm completely at a loss on what to do, especially seeing that this is browser-related problem? Anyone might know something on this?