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    How to create margins to ALL pages automatically?

    Wermount2323 Level 1

      Hi guys. I need a help, then I will be ablo to do my work without any troubles.

      So, I need to understand 2 things. I hope you will easly help me.



      1) I wonder how can I change a margins in my document after I set my settings in frist time.

      I made a new document and I set some value on margins. Now I want to change this setting in a WHOLE document. But I don't know how to change in ALL document. I try to do this, and I go to section like this:


      And I set my new settings. But... It only happens in selected pages (not on ALL documents). And look what happen:



      So I don't know how to set this new settings to ALL PAGES.





      And there is another question. How can I make for example, different margin settings  1-21 page, then different margin settins 22-40 pages?