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    Nikon AW110 .NEF Files in Camera Raw / DNG Converter


      I'm a bit new to NEF, and even RAW to be honest. But far as I can see both DNG converter 8.2 and Camera Raw (newest) is not happy with the .NEF Files from my Nikon AW110 camera. It won't open them.


      Is this something that will just be updated in DNG or RAW sooner or later? I have an early release of the AW110 and naturally there is not too much support out for it yet.


      Please let me know if I should be able to open these or not. It's no worry if there's nothing i can do about it yet, I just want to make sure my camera raw or photoshop isn't broken.


      Trying on OS X 10.9 (and 10.8) Photoshop 14.1.2 and Camera Raw


      Thanks guys