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    Copy selected items to a new layer


      In order to create a multi-layered document for different pricing versions, I would like to be able to

      • create the relevant layers (this works)

      • duplicate the items I've selected to those layers


      I can't see an easy way to identify the text frames/tables that contain prices, so we will have to select them page by page, but a script that then copied them and pasted in place on a new layer would save time.


      So far everything I've tried has failed to work.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC"


      paste in place

      end tell


      - this works, but if I try 'paste in place on layer "EURO PRICES" it won't. Neither can I identify what I've just pasted by 'set my_prices to paste in place'

      I'd like to say 'duplicate selection to layer "EURO PRICES" but it doesn't like that either.


      I'm going round in circles trying to do something that I know must be simple, but I can't see it!


      Any help very gratefully received.


      The bits that work so far are:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC"

          tell document 1

              set name of layer 1 to "BASE LAYER"


              make new layer with properties {name:"BSP PRICES", layer color:red}

              make new layer with properties {name:"EURO PRICES", layer color:gold}

              make new layer with properties {name:"INT PRICES", layer color:green}

          end tell 

      end tell