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    Sideline text (InDesign CC)

    kenbrody Level 1

      This would probably be easier to find the answer for if I knew the "real" name of what I'm trying to do.  Hopefully "sideline text" will be good enough.


      The attached picture should make it clear what I am trying to accomplish:


      I haven't used InDesign for several years.  The last time I used it was version 2.  (Not "CS2", but "2".)  Back then, I needed to do a lot of manual editing, creating inline frames, cutting and pasting text into those frames, adjusting margins, etc., etc.,etc., which made re-importing updated text virtually impossible.


      I am hoping that there is some built-in method nowadays to allow such "sideline text" without the hassle I had to go through long ago.  Using tables is not the way to go, given that the main text may be more than one page for any given section, and there will be many many pages of text such as this.


      And, if possible, do you have any suggestions on how to make this even "more automatic" when placing a file from Word and/or OpenOffice?  Can paragraph styles be used for the side text so that ID will do it automatically?