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    Exported footage lagging/jerking


      Ive been working on a project in premiere pro and coming to the end of it I've come across a problem. I've finished editing this video, filmed it on a Nikon d600, put on all the necessary presets/settings etc but when I export it using h.264 settings etc, the mp4 export has some of the bigger clips with more movement are like lagging and jerking, its noticeable from some lines ive got in the video. I should say that the raw footage is perfectly fine, filmed smoothly and yeah in the premiere pro sequence it works fine also. Its just something thats going on in the encoding process, going from PP to an mp4 clip. I also noticed that when i exported it as an mpeg clip it all worked fine.. but mpeg isnt compatible with **** so that wasnt a win.

      Does anyone know why in the encoding process, going from a premiere pro sequence to an mp4 clip I am getting this lag in some clips?