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    Incorrect font size/leading

    David Golding

      I am working with InDesign CS5.5 on the Mac. I have an InDesign file with 280 pages, and have used paragraph styles to apply formatting. Each paragraph is set, via its style, to have a font size of 12pt and a leading of 17pt. The problem is, while looking at the text, I have discovered many paragraphs that are set to 11.684pt/16.553pt. I now have to go through the document, find faulty paragraphs, and reset the size/leading, which is an annoying task. I cannot even semi-automate this, as when I search for text with this font size, the search only finds the first instance. If I change the font size of this first instance, search then finds nothing, though I can click on offending paragraphs and see the formatting and that the override symbol is displayed against the paragraph style. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? Do you know any fixes or workarounds?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I suppose that these numbers are a result from scaling text frames. To find overrides I use a self defined preflight profile (Window > Output > Preflight, Panel Menu), where I can define a profile which shows any text overrides. So I need to click on the occurrence of each override and can use remove overrides from the Paragraph Style panel (or use my own shortcut).

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            Migintosh Level 4

            If you have set paragraph styles for everything, and you don't want any overrides, you can select whole chains of text or as many text frames as you can select at a time and go to the fly-out triangle of the Paragraph Styles pallet and choose Clear Overrides. Keep in mind that character styles applied on top of paragraph styles are not considered local overrides, so applied character styles will still be applied after clearing overrides. You can, however, apply None as the character style while the text is selected if you need.

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              David Golding Level 1

              My (limited) understanding of scaling text frames is that all text within the frame would be scaled. This is not the case for me. Only certain paragraphs within the master text frame are incorrect. Nor do I have a second point size in parentheses, which also seems to be a telltale for that particular problem.


              I've used Marc Autret's Show Local Formatting script to reveal overrides. This doesn't help much, as there are a lot of paragraphs, and a lot of overrides. Prevention would definitely be better in this case.

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                David Golding Level 1

                This is the approach I am taking, but it is still annoying, as I will have to revisit the typography and re-tweak all the tracking, etc. That's why I would like to know a way of avoiding this weird mangling of font size/leading.

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                  Migintosh Level 4

                  I couldn't say why it's happening to you, but I can't say it's ever happened to me. My best guess would be what Willi suggested. For example, if you moved a corner point of a text frame slightly (like you might do to change the size of a frame) while inadvertently holding th Command key, that would cause the frame (and the content) to be scaled slightly. I can't say this is what happened to you, but it's a way it could have happened.