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    Photoshop CC (14.1.2) can't display file dialogs after Mavericks upgrade


      I believe this is a permissions issue since another account on the system does not have this issue.


      The problem is every time a file dialog is displayed (like, file/open or file/place) I immediately termintaes with the "Could not complete your request because of a program error." message. Nothing in the logs or console messages.


      I contacted support, but they were apparently reading from a script - they had me change /Library (not ~/Library, but /Library) to global read+write - NFW. I did it temporarily and it still didn't work.


      I believe my issue stems fromt he fact that my user account was created years ago, back when the default user group (its gid) = its uid. When I look in Users/Groups, it shows "staff" (which is gid 20), but the directory (and I assume its execute permissions) is set to 502, same as the uid. I tried to change the directory group ownership (the entire /User tree for this user) to gid 20, but it still wouldn;t work.


      Since it works for the other user (created in Mountain Lion), I assume it must be related to this legacy permissions situation, but I can;t figure out what I need to change. CC loads, and I can load a file from Lightroom, but it will not display the file dialog.


      Any suggestions?