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    Is it possible for form fillers to add entries?




      I'm creating a form for my clients to fill up their agents particulars to submit for printing of their staff cards.


      The thing is different companies have different needs in terms of how many cards they need per request. If for example my form only has the ability to put in 4 agent's partculars at a time but they need to submit 20, they will have to submit the formm 4 times, which some of them might find a hassle.


      Would it be possible to add a button called "add personnel", or something like that where if they click it, another set of entries becomes available for them to fill in? THis way, the form filler would have an add an infinite amount of agents in one form, making it more efficient.


      If there is an alternative please do let me know. Thanks!


      Ryan Peters


      P.S in the add attachment, there is a filter for maximum file size, is there a way to make a filter for minimum file size?