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    Why Did Background Eraser Stop Working?      CS6

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      CS6, Win7 Pro



      Why might the Background Eraser tool have stopped working?


      The settings I am currently using are Sampling: Once; Limits: Discontiguous; Tolerance: 100%; Protect Foreground Color: checked.     


      I wanted to remove a head and shoulders photo portrait from a background, and to do so, I generally followed the instructions on a YouTube video tutorial by Ali Baba entitled How to Remove Background Around Lots of Hair Photoshop;




      which showed to use the eraser tool.     


      My background was an off white color, with a shadow from the subject on some of it.      I made a layer on top of the photo and filled it with red (instead of the dark blue in the video, so it would contrast more with the black hair of my subject);  then I copied the photo into a layer and put it on top of the red (unlike the video where he erased off the original.)  Then I erased away the background.    Then I took the steps shown to work around the hair.       At that time, the background was still not closely erased around the ears and shoulders and I put the job away for a while.


      When I came back, I used the Quick Selection to select the area from the entire right side that wasn't erased yet.   But I didn't know how to erase the selection, so I went back to the Background eraser and erased the rest of the right side away.  Then I deleted the selection. 


      For some reason, however, I am not able to erase any more on the left side, and I am stymied as to why not.


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