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    Still foto issue with cs6


      Why will the hi res ( 4k images) JPEG and or psd files made in Lightroom 4 not import into pp cs6 as an HD image. All come in as something less than SD despite the fact that the preview window in the project panel says its a 4k image. Very frustrated. Thanks KK

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          shooternz Level 6

          what is your sequence set for?

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            Bikerboy Level 1

            Thanks-sequence HDV NTSC 16:9 , fotos taken at 16:9 - edited sony raw (arw file) exported out of LR as a jpg. ,then Imported into ppcs6.


            I found a box setting in preferences under general in PP that should have been checked that imports stills as original scale. This helped a lot but the images are still not nearly as sharp as the LR4 JPGs are. I guess this is because PP is not a still editor but primarily video. Still after working in cs4 and cs5 i find cs6 moré troublesome. Thanks  again for response. -bikerboy

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              shooternz Level 6

              Is "sharpness" the issue or scaling the issue?

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                Bikerboy Level 1

                Resolution is the issue. Originally when I brought the stills into PP, I had to reduce ( not enlarge)the image size so I could see  the whole image in the designated screen format of 16:9. The foto also was taken at 16:9 as well. When the image finally filled the sequences designated format size it was rather pixilated. Rendering did not help. I'd say it looked less than a 720x480 image even though the project panel said it was something like 4456x3370.


                I subsequently found a tutorial on line that talked about this very problem. The instructor showed the difference between importing a still images with "import as original scale"box in PP preferences as checked and unchecked. It's better to check it to get best result as mine was, unchecked. That helped a lot but as I said the imported image is not as sharp as it is in LR4. I have a new dell 23" monitor Full HD 1920x1080. My original still images are 16 MB. In LR4 they resolve very well when enlarged but not so well in PP.


                I learn something about this stuff every day. There does not seem to be an end to the learning curve.



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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  When you export out of lightroom, what size are you exporting them as?


                  You don't need to make them 1920X1080, but you should be able to do so without any significant loss if you select 100% quality.


                  You might want to try taking them into Photoshop and importing the Photoshop file into Premiere Pro instead of a lossy jpeg. Or export as PNG.

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                    Bikerboy Level 1

                    Hi Steven,

                    Thanks for your reply,

                    PP does not seem to recognize raw files at least sony's proprietary which is an ARW. I could bring my RAW stills into LR4 as a DNG file which I think is more adaptable but I've not gone that route. Can't find anything yet on the web that tells me if PP will even recognize a DNG. I've exported my stills out of LR 4 as both JPG and PSD to see if their is an advantage of one over the other.  So far I've seen no difference as far as quality as they come into PP with same resolution problem. LR4 allows me to export them to any size so I chose the original full 4460x3380 +-. I'm doing something different with PP on this project which is predominately stills with a little video. Not sure if this is a stretch for PP or not.

                    If I could get the stills to read at least at 1440x1080 ( same as video MP4) I'd be happy. It's strange,  but stills  in PP render much quicker than a video clip the same length. This tells me that there's no advantage to reducing the still size in PP  if they all render just as quick. FYI - I have a new Dell XPS with 4th Gen. I7 ( whatever that means) & 8 gigs of memory.

                    Sorry, guess I'm not asking so much a question now, about this "stuff" anymore. It's more of a reflection on it's many facets. If you have anything to add I'd like to hear it.

                    I have found a work around ( which I've explained earlier) which for the moment is more or less acceptable. Thanks,


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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      Keep in mind that 1440X1080 uses non-square pixels so you need to tell Photoshop to use an appropriate 1.333 pixel ratio for those.


                      The Photoshop file should be significantly better than the JPG. If the Photoshop file doesn't look good, then there is a problem you really should address. But yes, you want them imported at the original scale.