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    Getting old font size value of text after image resizing.

    AI_learner Level 1

      Hi all,


      I write the script of getting font size of the text layer. I am getting old font size after image resizing.


      Following are the steps:

      - I write the function to get the property of selected text layer..





                var textItem = textLayer.textItem;

                var fontSize = textItem.size;




      - After image resize to 50%. I am executing this function.


      But, I am still getting old font size value.

      Let's say the font size of text = 36 px.

      Now I apply Image Resize to 50%. So, the font size of the text becomes 18 px.

      Now If I execute the function "getInfoOfText", I am still getting 36 px.


      I am unable to understand the behaviour. Am I missing something here? Is there any way to get the correct font size value?

      Please note that I am using CS6 version.


      Waiting for ur help guys.