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    Problem with sidebar video


      I have been working with presenter 8 for some time now.

      Recently I have to do some edits on an old file.


      After publishing the edited file i noticed that the sidebar video was cropped. Looking closely at it I found out that it was a box covering up part of the video. After going into the Theme Editor and switching things on and off I discovered that it was the box for the outline pane.

      I turn off all presenter info and panes for my projects but although switched off, the outline pane box, but not content still remains, covereing up the video.



      You can just see the faint outline of the box on the image above and the tab at the side.

      Desperate to publish the changes I uninstalled 8 and installed 9. Exactly the same thing occurs.


      and here is where it gets odd.


      I give the original files to someone else that has presenter and all is fine. Even ones that I created before I had the problem.

      I give any file that I have edited or created from scratch recently and they now have exactly the same problem as well. So it must be embedding something into the powerpoint file so that when they open it, the problem is still there.


      Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before.