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    Advice for a beginner

      Hi Guys,

      I'm new to flex, it looks very neat and I had a few questions...

      Do I need anything special to deploy a flex app to the server? e.g. does the server need to run jsp etc.
      Where can I get some really good beginner tutorials?
      Is it easy to integrate flex within an asp.net project? Can I get data back and forth easily and are there any tutorials?

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          peterent Level 2
          You don't need to put anything special on the server to deploy a Flex app. The app is compiled into a SWF and all that requires is an HTML page to host it. SWFs are just like image files in this sense.

          That said, if you want your Flex app to get data from a server, your server, then you might need additional software. Flex has a data service component called HTTPService which enables you to exchange simple data like XML documents, text files, etc.

          More complex data can be exchanged using the WebService data. Faster, binary data, can be exchanged using RemoteObject.

          There should be tutorials on our web site. Or try searching for tutorials.