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    Unable to launch Photoshop CC because of a program error


      Hello, everybody !


      For starters, I'm a Mac user


      I just dowloaded the trial version of Photoshop CC to try the new stuff (I was still on CS before).

      I deleted CS by dragging the "Adobe Photoshop CS" Folder to the trash and then I installed PSCC.


      But when I open the program, it says (French translation, may not be English accurate) : "Unable to launch Photoshop CC because of a program error".


      So I tried a lot of things, I looked up on forums that said to delete preferences or else, disk repair, uninstalling-reinstalling, but still, I get the same message again and again.


      Can anybody help me to figure out what exactly my problem is ? Did I forget to delete a file to uninstall PSCS ?


      Thanks in advance,