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    Adobe Indesign Cs5.5 to Indesign CS6

    asfgsdvg56 Level 1

      We have a site license for Adobe Indesign Cs5.5 for 200+ seats running on 10 terminal servers. It took us about a month to test/tweak/modify Indesign CS5.5 to accommodate our workflow. We would like to upgrade to InDesign CS6, but here is my problem, I have Indesign CS5.5 on my PC as testing and when I installed Indesign CS6, it kept CS5.5 and of course it did a fresh install of CS6, and so we would have to go though about 2-3 weeks to again  test/tweak/modify CS6 to accommodate our workflow…..


      My question is, is their just and upgrade installer from Indesign CS5.5 to CS6 where it keeps all of our current modifications?