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    menus greyed out

    sparky2k Level 1

      I'm cutting a project on a new imac in Premier Pro CC with a lot of my media stored an external G Raid Thunderbolt drive. I upgraded my OS to Mavericks yesterday but all seemed fine. 


      Today, I went to import some media from the external drive and all my menus were suddenly greyed out.  If I relanch the application the menus come back but as soon as I select that drive from the import panel everything is greyed out again.  I can relink media that has previously been imported from that drive.


      I've tried to retrace my steps and i can only think that I mis-hit a key when trying to do the original import. Any ideas how I can undo what I've done? Thanks 



      EDIT 1:  I just tried to import into Audition from that drive and get a 'fatal error' message.  Guess I must have corrupted the drive? Any ideas??


      EDIT 2: Weirdly, I can drag and drop the files into the required bins so it seems to be something around the import function which is corrupt.

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          sparky2k Level 1

          OK.  Just to give this topic a bump becasue I think it's important.


          I removed the .DS_Store files and this seemed to resolve the problem albeit momentarily:  half way through my next import the issue recurred. It seems this issue may be related to the horrible problems users of Western Digital drives are experiencing with Mavericks.


          My advice for people using Premiere Pro and Audition is DO NOT UPGRADE TO MAVERICKS at least until Apple find the root of this problem.   

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            sparky2k Level 1

            I bought and installed a new LaCie drive on Thursday and have the same problem with that so can assume that it's not an issue with the drive.


            I installed the latest Premiere Pro CC update this morning but the problem persists.

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              sparky2k Level 1

              I hope this thread might save somebody else from the grief I've had since upgrading to Mavericks.


              After two weeks of pain I have decided to uninstall the operating system and go back to Mountain Lion. The more I looked into it the more issues I had... I started by losing functionality when I tried to import... then my drives started to unmount. I would have to reset the P RAM - once a week to begin with but then with increasing frequency. Originally I could drag and drop media into bins but even that route failed... finally my Autosave back-ups disappeared from Premiere - it seems the whole App became corrupted.


              I also discovered today that apparently Apple changed the Quicktime codecs in this new OS.


              Adobe advised me to get rid of Mavericks and that is what I'm about to do...

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                sparky2k Level 1

                I've just erased my drive and reinstalled Mountain Lion. After a few tense hours rebuilding my project everything seems to be working so the issue was Mavericks after all.. 

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                  I have the same problem. I am working on a very large editing project using Premiere Pro CC on an iMac with Mavericks.


                  When I try to import new video, the import window goes away and then all of the drop down menus are grayed out. All I can do is quit and reopen the file.


                  I am able to drag and drop files into my project window. But I would rather do this from the menu.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Apple have no reason to make things look good for Adobe and have a long history of OS upgrades making life dificult even for their own fan base.