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    Video import


      Hi to all.Im new here. Please can someone explain or help me how to edit-import picture on existing picture in video.

      Example: It is about dog race.video is long 00:57 seconds. In range time of 00:45 - 00:57 in video show me picture that dog number 1 wins and show nubmer 1 icon , i want to change that icon and put my. How i can do that?

      Please can someone help me !!

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          To create Picture in Picture (PIP) - place an image or video clip on a video track above the background video. It will cover the video below. Then in Effects panel, use "Motion" tool to Scale and Position the overlay video. Make it smaller and then move it to where you want it. You can also use the Titler to create a new number to place on video.


          Thank you


          Jeff Pulera

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