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    Changing Image Color

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      I have a series of images that are color photos of a three-dimensional, cream colored object. The objects have clipping paths around them and sit on a dark background. I have some new images that I need to incorporate into the layout, but their color is a different "cast", more gray than the other cream images.


      I would like to apply the original color to the new images. It would be best if this could be done in the InDesign document, but if necessary, I can do it in Photoshop. I just need to know the best approach. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          In Photoshop you could use Image - Adjust - Hue / Saturation or Image - Adjust -  Curves (I'm fond of Curves myself).  If you anticipate a lot of tweaking it is more forgiving to use Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Curves, because you can change them again and again without data loss.