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    External topics don´t refresh CHM


      We are having problems when we update external chm files which are referenced form another chm. It seems that only the time when the link is created that the external chm is copied inside the |SSL| folder. We have been looking for a setting to ask RoboHelp for updating the referenced chm files each time the chm is generated, but with no luck.

      We would much appreciate if someone could help us with this issue.


      Jose Antonio
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          It has been a while since you posted this, but since nobody answered you - here is some information:

          The HTML Help compiler will copy external files into your .chm file if they are in your project folder - even if they are not in your project! I consider this an awful bug but some people look at it as a great feature. In either case it is something you need to be aware of and live with.

          As a help author, if you copy the external file into your project folder to test the link (a sensible thing to do, no?) it will then get compiled into your project unless you remember to remove it before compiling. If it gets compiled into your project, the help engine will look there first when the user tries to access it and get the old file rather than the updated one in their folder. So, in short, do not copy the external files into your project folder. If RoboHelp is doing this automatically I suspect you are not creating the link properly.

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            tripwire45 Level 1
            I think this is just the way RoboHTML works. Whenever I update a subproject, I recompile the subproject, then copy the subproject's CHM file and paste it in the !SSL! folder of the main project. Then I recompile the main project and test the changes. Kind of a pain, but it works.