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    Premiere CC Close Captioning Bug / feature unusable / workarounds?

    KB8WFH Level 1

      It is very difficult to explain this issue in text, so I am accompanying it with a view showing the problem.




      The text segments are not all appearing at the proper in/out points. Some do not show at all. Others appear then get overwritten by other segments from other in/out points in a typing/scrolling effect.


      I received the suggestion to try and render the clip/sequence segment in question, but I get the same problem.


      This is a major deal breaker. I held out a huge project to wait for CC to come out with this feature and after just a few entries, it gets completely buggered up every time.


      I posted part of this issue in another thread, but I think I am having a different problem that the original author, so I am making a new post here.


      Is anyone else getting anything like this? Are there any workarounds anyone has found?