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    How do I change the location of the coldfusion-out.log and coldfusion-error.log files in CF10


      When I change the log location in ColdFusion Administrator it changes the location of most but not all the log files.  I have a requirement from my customer to place all log files on a separate partition on the server.  For ColdFusion 9 I was able to modify the registry settings to change StandardOut and StandardErr for the ColdFusion Jrun service.  This does not appear to the case for ColdFusion 10 which now uses Tomcat 7.


      I tried modifying log4j.properties file and was able to relocate the hibernatesql.log, axis2.log, and esapiconfig.log but not the coldfusion-out.log.


      I am running ColdFusion 10 Enterprise Edition on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server.